Our way of delivering services

Simplicity and quality to every business process


Our way of delivering services

Creating added value to bring simplicity and life
to every business process.


Our way of delivering services

Creating added value to bring simplicity and life
to every business process.

Go Beyond with Service Outsourcing and focus on maximization rather than cost minimization

Smart Organization

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services guardian

Customer engagement services

Customer Engagement includes various customer relationship management services. It represents the core of communication between a company and its customers, through calls, chats, e-mail or web portals. Through a contact center, customers can access various services such as checking statuses of their bank accounts, ordering products online, obtaining information about different offers and promotions, asking for assistance, reporting a complaint etc. Each interaction offers an opportunity to engage the customers towards the next touch point in the customer journey. We act as a true service delivery partner at every step of the customer life-cycle.

Finance and Back office services

Our team members serve as clients’ back-office department extension for accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing and other back office support services, using industry standard ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle, Navision.

Visa support services

Our multi lingual teams provide travel visa support services to clients in countries across the globe. From providing specialized information, arranging appointment bookings, proving emergency visa services, ticketing support and payment acceptance, we offer a full range of manual and automated services at highest possible service levels.

Human capital services

With operational service delivery experience of more than 10 years and recruitment of various profiles and skills, we add value to our partners in the HR process services field. We aim to continuously strengthen the human capital potential with our Trizma Learning Center.

Technical support, Remote resolution and Field service coordination

Support for business processes on a 24/7 basis. Our passion is in creating added value services that bring simplicity and overall efficiency. We combine know-how and experience in systems monitoring, service maintenance and performance stability tracking.

Smart Organization

Business Design Services guardian

BOT – Build Operate and Transfer

Excellence in service delivery is the key to unique customer experience where every interaction mater’s. Through our commitment to service design and customer experience we have developed the way of how we can build operate and transfer service delivery centers in various geographies. This service includes: setup of the operation, infrastructure, hiring, training, running the operation to meet the service levels and operational standards until the agreed transfer time. We also designed the option to keep the operation as outsourcing partnership with full responsibility for delivery quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

Process design and optimization and Continuous Improvement

Processes are in the heart of every service delivery. Large organizations, due to functional organizational structures, are often lacking end-to-end customer centric processes. By using Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen and Agile tools, we design solutions at the next level of service excellence, by placing end-user value and satisfaction in the center of every decision.

Lean Customer Experience

Our approach is based on freeing existing organizational resources in order to create more WOW moments for end-customers. Combining 15 years of expertise and experience in customer care industry, our methodology maps customer journeys, rearranges internal delivery elements and automates customer-facing processes, creating sustainable delivery of unique and lasting customer experiences.

Smart Organization

Business Continuity Management guardian

Business Continuity Management as Service

We believe that a new Business Continuity Management approach is needed, one where Disaster Recovery is provided based on an ecosystem of real-estate, infrastructure, applications, processes and human capital – offered as one continuous service. Our BCM services are available in 3 tiers: Foundation – as plug and play, covering basic BCP needs and continuous management of the DR location, Motion – adding to this logistic services, employee trainings, drills and BCP planning services and Endurance – for clients that need mirroring of live operations with no downtime for business critical processes, in cases of major business disruptions.

Smart Organization

Data Insights Services guardian

Data Insights Services

Data Insights is a powerful tool that can help businesses gain the hindsight, insight, and foresight needed to solve complex problems that seem intractable. Its uses are diverse, and its applications span the enterprise. Data Insights gives you an advantage by being able to provide intelligence and tailored insights close to customers’ operations.

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, you can go beyond learning what happened and why to discovering insights about the future outcomes. Learn from the past and deploy insights into your business processes today. The data is only as good as one’s ability to use it to predict, create a plan, and act on it. Do not let valuable information go undetected. We can deliver right answers based on data and help you focus on the problem and create a solution.

Big Data

Big data is being generated at all times, from sensors to machine-to-machine. The amount of data that’s being created and stored on a global level is almost inconceivable, and it just keeps growing. Yet only a small percentage of data is actually analyzed. We can support your decision-making processes and discover actionable insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is opening up vast new possibilities for revenue growth and innovation. Connect, monitor, and control millions of devices running on different operating systems. Using IoT you can bring your equipment together, communicate with devices, collect raw data and discover actionable insights that can help reach excellence.


Business Intelligence

Go from data to insights in seconds. Any data, any way, anywhere through compelling and interactive reports which can be consumed on the web and across mobile devices. Keep your data secure while giving people access to insights they need at every level, in real time.

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trizma-logo Trizma Outsourcing Paradigm is based on:


We are committed to designing services with highly qualified teams who will contribute to customer excellence and end user satisfaction. Service and process continuous improvement are part of our DNA. We pledge ourselves to be a long term service delivery partner who is accurate, committed and reliable.


Working together with our partners, we design an efficient toolkit to integrate resources for full service excellence. The aim is to explore new perspectives that maximize clients’ full business potential. With this approach we take the responsibility for related business outcomes and end user satisfaction.


Accelerate Beyond - business paradigm views outsourcing not only as tool for resource optimizing but as capacity for maximizing potential of organizations.

Our commitment is delivering unique customer experiences based on improved employee engagement. We continuously search for every detail which can improve the experience for both sides.


Trizma Growth Accelerator is at the heart of our methodology for building custom designed processes and systems that bring continued success to our clients.

we understand - we evolve - we accelerate


Trizma Organization Structure
supporting our business delivery

Living a promise of continuous understanding, evolution and acceleration, we unified teams in synergy of Partner Services, Company Services and People Services into new Trizma Organization Structure.

Our people are ones that fulfill the commitment of delivering unique customer experience. We encourage them to speak up. Their experience is our strength.

We listen and hear our people. We made step beyond with new organization structure to re energize true potential.

We are responsible for our people, our partners and society with common purpose to maximize full business, professional and personal potential.


We live and operate in line with our values:

love what you do

be honest to yourself and others

quality first to deliver WoW service

challenging ourselves to try beyond and challenging business to innovate beyond.

We are ready with you to Accelerate Beyond.